About Me

Hi there, I’m Neil. When you choose Oliver Building Services, that’s me. It’s personal.

I know how to build homes that people love. I’m passionate about people being able to live in their dream homes, whether that’s a new-build home or changing an existing one so that it fits like a glove.

I believe in integrity, respect and excellence. What that means for you is that if I say I’ll do something, I will. I’m courteous to clients and colleagues. And I’m always looking for ways for a home to work or look better without it costing more.

What you should also know is that I’m a stickler for procedures and thoroughness. Which could be a bore if I was your tax inspector, but I’m not. I’m on your team, making sure that council forms are completed, your build is planned and budgeted thoroughly and that you receive all the certificates and paperwork you and your mortgage company needs when it’s finished.

If you want to hire someone to help you build, extend or change your dream home and you think we’d get along well, please get in touch and let’s chat.